The AFL-CIO will redouble its efforts to pass legislation—the Miners Protection Act of 2017, S. 175/H.R. 179—that will preserve the pensions and health care of the members of the United Mine Workers of America, who spent decades in our nation’s coal mines to power our country. We will highlight the bipartisan support already on record for this legislation.

The AFL-CIO and each of its affiliate unions call on the leadership of the House and Senate to stop obstructing a vote to keep America’s promise to the Mine Workers. These workers have given their blood, sweat, tears and lives to power America and build an American labor movement that has provided opportunity, respect and good jobs for all Americans.

We will utilize AFL-CIO communications and all of our affiliate communications to inform union members that:

  • We leave no worker behind;
  • We will not allow obstructionists to hurt people and deny results, especially on issues where we all can agree; and
  • This is about the health of all pensions.

Finally, we will use this issue as a platform to celebrate our labor history, where we come from and why we continue to organize for our future.