Executive Council Statement | Better Pay and Benefits

Mobilizing Our Members to Elect Hillary Clinton and Defeat Donald Trump

Working people are unified behind Hillary Clinton and are ready to defeat Donald Trump in November. And with the dire consequences Trump poses for America’s working families, now more than ever, the 56 unions of the AFL-CIO must act as a unified labor movement in order to elect Clinton, defeat Trump, and make gains for working people at every level of the ballot. 

Our grassroots efforts are well under way, but in order to jumpstart our fall campaign, the AFL-CIO Executive Council urges national and international unions to commit to the following:

  • releasing staff to drive the program in priority states, with a first wave of staff trained and in place by Aug. 20 and a second wave of staff by Sept. 12;  
  • identifying a political coordinator at every union council, local and worksite;
  • engaging members in conversations at worksites;
  • communicating with members by mail, by phone and through social media;
  • canvassing door to door at least twice a week—once during the week and every Saturday; and
  • recruiting stewards and activists to join the fight with a goal of mobilizing 1% of active members to participate in the program.

Despite his rhetoric, Donald Trump does not share the values of working families. In fact, Trump is one of the most anti-worker presidential candidates in American history. 

Because he can’t win the election without appealing to—and winning over—working people, we know the responsibility of winning the presidential election rests with us. 

That is why we urge union leaders, staff and members around the nation to do all they can between now and Nov. 8 to ensure working people are mobilized to elect candidates who will raise wages and advocate for the issues that help working families build better lives.