Executive Council Statement | Better Pay and Benefits

On the Retirement of James Andrews

We wish to thank James Andrews for his service and dedication to working families across America, within North Carolina and on the Executive Council of the AFL-CIO. On the council, Andrews’ voice was influential on a range of committees, including Civil and Human Rights, Immigration, Member Education and Training, Political, State and Local Labor Council and Community Partnerships and Union Repositioning.

Andrews has been a lifelong and passionate activist for civil rights and social justice in his home state. His Christian faith has always driven him to put his beliefs into action, from his days organizing a union at his own plant in Henderson to his lifelong effort to win and maintain civil rights. Most recently, he has been a powerful supporter of the Moral Monday movement.

Andrews is also a Vietnam veteran and a recipient of the Purple Heart. A member of OPEIU, he is the first full-time elected African American state federation president in the country’s history. We will miss him on the Executive Council, and we wish him a long and happy retirement.