Executive Council Statement

On the Service of Clyde Rivers

The AFL-CIO Executive Council thanks our friend and brother, Clyde Rivers, on his distinguished service to our federation.

During his 38-year career as a classified school employee, Rivers rose through the ranks of the California School Employees Association (CSEA). As a member of Chapter 33 at San Mateo Community College District, he served as first and second vice president before becoming president of the chapter. He later became a member of the CSEA Community College Committee, which he chaired for five years.

In 2001, Rivers was elected president of CSEA—the first African American to hold the union’s highest position—one he held for four years. Under his guidance as president, CSEA joined the AFL-CIO with an independent charter in 2001, further unifying the labor movement across the country. That same year he was elected to serve on the AFL-CIO Executive Council.

As CSEA president, Rivers strengthened the futures of school employees and California students and their families through leadership programs that empowered chapter presidents and created avenues for members to become community leaders and school board members.

Each year at the CSEA convention, Rivers distributed a detailed report of the AFL-CIO’s activities and accomplishments, reminding his members about the value of affiliation and a united labor movement.

We thank Clyde Rivers for his 20 years of invaluable service on the Executive Council and his lifetime of dedication to the labor movement.