Organizing Institute

The Organizing Institute (OI) has trained tens of thousands of organizers who are committed to building power for working people all across this country. The Organizing Institute’s mission to develop and promote the craft of organizing is supported today by training programs for beginner and lead organizers, an apprenticeship program, and by collaborating with unions to share successful approaches to organizing and strategic campaigns.

Training for New Organizers

This is an opportunity to learn and practice leading effective organizing conversations with peers and experienced organizers from across the movement. This three-day basic organizing skills training is for union members and organizers who are sponsored by their union. Cost is $150. 

OI ‘3-Day’ Training Schedule 2017

  • Louisville, Kentucky (May 19–21)
  • Oakland, California (June 23–25: co-sponsored with APALA)
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan (July 14–16)
  • Austin, Texas (Aug. 4–6)


Contact Camille West-Eversley with questions.  

Advanced Organizer Workshop

This collaborative workshop is designed for experienced organizers who are taking on a greater role in leading teams and campaign strategy. Registration is by recommendation only. Cost is $150. Contact Camille West-Eversley with questions. 

Advanced Organizing Workshops 2017

  • Chicago (June 7–9)
  • Washington, D.C. (July 19–21)
  • Washington, D.C. (Dec. 6–8)

OI Apprenticeship Program

We’re looking for commitment and talent! The Organizing Institute Apprenticeship Program is a paid training and placement program for social justice activists who want to become union organizers. The OI provides the highest standards of organizer training, mentorship and development for all participants during the field training program.

  • We’re looking for individuals with passion and commitment to social justice and the energy and enthusiasm for learning from new experiences.
  • We will train you and prepare you for action! You will attend an intensive 3-day training with union members and other activists that will give you the experience you need to succeed as an apprentice.
  • Apprentice organizers are placed in a 3-month program on a union organizing campaign.
  • After a successful apprenticeship, the OI will recommend you for a full-time entry-level organizing position.

To apply:

  • Identify a 3-day organizing training near you. If you are accepted, food, housing and the training fee will be covered, but you will need to provide your own transportation to the training site.

Acceptance to the OI Apprenticeship is extremely competitive and involves qualifying to attend the training and qualifying at the training to be recommended as an apprentice candidate.