Organizing Institute

The Organizing Institute (OI) has trained tens of thousands of organizers who are committed to building power for working people all across this country. The Organizing Institute’s mission to develop and promote the craft of organizing is supported today by training programs for beginner and lead organizers, an apprenticeship program, and by collaborating with unions to share successful approaches to organizing and strategic campaigns.

Become a Union Organizer

We’re looking for commitment and talent! The Organizing Institute Apprenticeship Program is a paid training and placement program for activists who are not union members but interested in becoming union organizers. Through top-notch instruction and mentorship, social and economic justice activists develop the strong foundation to build successful careers as union organizers.

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Training for Union Staff and Member Activists

This is an opportunity to learn and practice leading effective organizing conversations with peers and experienced organizers from across the movement. This three-day basic organizing skills training is for union members and organizers who are sponsored by their union. The cost is $150 and covers meals and registration. Contact us at [email protected] with questions.