Organizing Institute Field Clinics

Back to Basics: Building Strong Relationships with the Organizers We Mentor

Lead organizers need to balance the work between leading the campaign and leading and developing organizers. This training gives lead organizers the skills to train and mentor organizers and the tools to hold them accountable. Participants will assess their leadership style and examine the real-life dilemmas they face with current team members and identify potential solutions.

Debriefs: Strategies and Tactics

Debriefs allow organizers to bring teams together, foster learning and evolve organizing plans during organizing campaigns. This clinic will give participants a structured framework to design and execute debriefing strategies and tactics. Participants will examine current debriefing practices, obstacles and solutions to dilemmas, questions to ask, techniques to make debriefs a learning experience and how to make role-playing effective for one-on-one and group debriefs.

DRAFT TIME! Recruiting Key Leaders to the Campaign

A strong organizing committee is key to winning union recognition and developing leaders for the long haul. Participants share best practices for identifying and developing the right leaders for the committee. Organizers will think through the key leaders they have on their current campaigns, identify leaders they don’t have but need to win, and develop a recruitment plan to draft those key leaders to the team.

Getting the Message for Campaign Leads

Campaign leads should be responsible for developing, testing and executing the message on the campaign. To be effective, they need to develop the content of the message with staff and committee, train and support committee members to be good messengers, and utilize individual and group debriefs to evaluate and adjust the message. Participants will design an agenda and facilitation plan for organizers working on their campaign.