Women's Global Leadership Program

The Women’s Global Leadership Program (WGLP) is a four-day program in New York City, held in conjunction with the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), a yearly meeting that brings together governments and human rights advocates from around the world to discuss key issues affecting women’s empowerment. It is perhaps the largest international gathering of women in the world.

About the WGLP

The WGLP brings together women union and labor movement leaders and activists from across the United States to learn about the global economy and strengthen organizing and advocacy skills.

Participants will:

  • Develop tools and contacts to advance pro-worker, pro-women policies at the local, national and global level;
  • Learn how to use their understanding of global issues to strengthen organizing campaigns that involve multinational employers;
  • Develop a critical analysis of current political, economic and social trends and their impacts on workers and unions;
  • Be trained on economic institutions and policymaking, how economic policies can promote or hinder labor and women’s rights, the structure of the global labor movement, global organizing strategies, advocacy skills, and how to use international tools and mechanisms to promote economic and gender justice;
  • Meet women and workers’ rights advocates from around the world, identify opportunities to build contacts with other activists and leaders, and strengthen advocacy across the labor and women’s rights movements.

Information about previous years' labor union delegation can be found here: 

Women's Global Leadership Program participants pose for a picture.

Women's Global Leadership Program participants, 2017.