Mike Podhorzer served as political director and assistant to the president for strategic research for the AFL-CIO. He is now Board Chair for the Analyst Institute.

An experienced analyst, he is the lead architect of the strategy to expand labor’s political reach to all of America’s working families, whether or not they are covered by collective bargaining agreements.

He has signaled a significant change in course to establish independence from the political parties and emphasize investment in labor’s own structure, rather than party structures. Accordingly, the federation creates permanent, year-round mobilization capacity to elect worker-friendly candidates, advocate for issues and demand greater accountability from elected officials.

Podhorzer was recognized as an early leader in data driven politics in the book, The Victory Lab.

He has worked in politics for the past 25 years. He is the co-chair of Catalist, founding chair of the Analyst Institute and on the boards of numerous progressive organizations, including America Votes and the Committee on States.