Brews and Bites for the Super Bowl

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Whether you're going for the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday, you’ll need the fridge to be stocked for the big game. This list of brews and munchies will both satisfy your cravings and help boost our country’s middle class. With more than 250 ethically made beers and a ton of game-day snacks to choose from, you’ll be set to host a killer ultimate playoff-watching party that also supports good employers who treat their workers fairly.

Civil Rights

Why We Need the 'I AM 2018' Moment of Silence: Remembering Echol Cole and Robert Walker

Today, we are taking a moment of silence in honor of the two men, Echol Cole and Robert Walker, whose tragic deaths 50 years ago led to the Memphis sanitation strike and the historic involvement of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As part of "I AM 2018," we are reposting the following article by historian Michael Honey, which originally ran on the AFL-CIO website 10 years ago. It tells the story of Cole and Walker and of King's involvement in the strike.