Press Release

AFL-CIO Applauds New Executive Actions on the Care Economy

Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on the Biden–Harris administration’s announcement of the most sweeping executive actions to strengthen the care economy in history: 

Today’s executive order reinforces why President Biden is leading the most pro-worker administration in our nation’s history. As working families continue to face rising costs and fewer options for quality care, these actions come at a critical time. They will help to address the growing crisis in our care system and give working families some much-needed relief. 

Workers and their families cannot thrive in our nation’s economy if we do not have equitable access to a functioning care economy. No one should have to rack up huge debt or be forced to leave their job to care for a loved one. We need equitable access to affordable and high-quality child care and long-term care so we can go to work each day and trust that our relatives are in nurturing and safe environments. Care jobs should be good jobs, and care workers—who are disproportionately women of color and immigrants—must be compensated fairly and have the option to join a union if they choose to. 

The pandemic showed us that without major improvements in our care infrastructure, our entire economy is at risk. We can no longer afford to ignore this crisis, and we are glad the administration has taken definitive action to tackle this problem head on. We call on lawmakers in Congress to follow suit and finally make overdue investments in care. 

Contact: Danielle Noel, 202-637-5018