Press Release

AFL-CIO Applauds Passage of Long-Overdue Postal Service Reform

Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on passage of the Postal Service Reform Act: 

Today’s final passage of the Postal Service Reform Act is a culmination of 15 years of efforts to fund and strengthen our U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The overwhelming bipartisan support is a recognition of how critical the USPS is to our everyday lives. During this pandemic, we relied heavily on postal workers to deliver everything, from medication to election ballots to Social Security and pandemic relief checks, and as usual, the USPS did not disappoint. 

This legislation ensures the USPS is financially stable, ends the destructive pre-funding retiree health care benefits mandate and guarantees six-day delivery reforms that are desperately needed to keep this beloved institution running with the same efficiency we have all come to depend on. As the bill moves forward to President Biden’s desk, we know that the future of postal workers and our USPS is bright. 

Contact: Liz Vlock, 202-637-5018