Press Release

AFL-CIO Executive Council Solidifies Raising Wages Agenda with 2016 Candidates

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka made the following statement at the conclusion of the Executive Council meeting:

“Over the past two days, The AFL-CIO’s Executive Council had a great opportunity to hear from five candidates who are running for the presidency of our country.  We spoke with each of them for an hour, and had a genuine exchange of views on a wide variety of critical subjects.  We are grateful to Senators Sanders, Webb, and Clinton, and Governors O’Malley and Huckabee, for making the time to talk with the elected representatives of 12.5 million working men and women in America.

 “The issues America faces are daunting, eclipsed only by our resolve to address them and put our country on a new path of shared prosperity.  That path is embodied in our Raising Wages agenda, which would rewrite our economic rules to put working people first – and keep them there.

 “We spoke at length with each candidate about the Raising Wages agenda and were encouraged by our discussions.  We will continue to make the case for Raising Wages, and look forward to ongoing discussions with the candidates and the further unfolding of the presidential campaign.”

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