Press Release

AFL-CIO: Justice in Policing Act an Important Step Forward

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on House passage of the Justice in Policing Act of 2020:

The scourge of violence against Black people in America has reached a tipping point, and it is critical that Congress take comprehensive action to redesign policing and address longstanding structural racism.

Union members live and work in every state and in every community, so when police abuse occurs, it happens in our backyards and to our families. We also represent tens of thousands of law enforcement officers who go to work every day and risk their lives to protect the public. As such, we have a special responsibility to play a leading role in making sure that real reform is achieved.

While not perfect, the Justice in Policing Act includes concrete, commonsense actions like banning chokeholds, expanding the use of body cameras, ending racial profiling and demilitarizing police departments. Today, the House took an important step forward in creating a fairer, more community-centric policing culture. We urge the Senate to follow suit.

Contact: Carolyn Bobb, 202-637-5018