Press Release

AFL-CIO Leadership Unanimously Reaffirms Commitment to Re-Electing President Biden and Vice President Harris

The AFL-CIO Executive Council released the following statement on President Biden’s visit to its meeting today:

The AFL-CIO Executive Council today unanimously voted to reaffirm its commitment to re-electing President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the leadership of the most pro-union administration in our lifetimes.

We were honored to welcome President Biden back to the House of Labor to speak to unions that represent every sector and industry of America’s workforce. No president has been more invested in helping workers than Joe Biden, who stands with working people at every opportunity, including on the picket line. 

We shared stories of the hopes of working people and discussed with the president the importance of unions mobilizing for Election Day. The president’s fighting spirit was on full display, and he reiterated his deep commitment to workers and our families and to taking on corporate greed. He was that “Scranton Joe” that we all know and love.

From Day One, the Biden–Harris administration has put working people first, centering union jobs in every piece of its agenda. This administration sparked an industrial renaissance; saved workers’ pensions and hundreds of thousands of public servant jobs; expanded overtime pay; and invested in millions of good union jobs, particularly in construction. Unions have never wavered in our support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because they’ve never wavered in their commitment to working people, including the vigorous support of workers’ right to organize. That’s just as true today as when we endorsed the ticket more than a year ago. 

The labor movement understands, as Joe Biden does, that solidarity is how we win. The message from today’s meeting couldn’t have been clearer: Right now, it’s time to come together around a vision of a country where everyone has a fair shot with a living wage, affordable health care, retirement security, and time to do the things we love like spending time with family and friends and pursuing our interests and passions. These are fundamental to, as the president reiterated to our meeting, building the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not the top down. 

The labor movement is united behind President Biden and Vice President Harris. We urge his party and the American people to join us.

Contact: Steve Smith, 202-637-5018