Press Release

AFL-CIO Plans Final Ground Game for Labor 2016 Campaign

More Than 100,000 Volunteer Hours to Reach 1 Million Doors

In the final three weeks until Election Day, the AFL-CIO will leverage one hundred thousand volunteer hours to knock on one million doors in key battleground states. This acceleration of the Labor 2016 program is a pivotal effort to elect Hillary Clinton and pro-worker candidates across the country. In addition to speaking directly with voters at the door, union volunteers will engage in a wide range of GOTV actions, including phone banks and worksite leaflets.

“The GOTV efforts of local labor movements in the home stretch will propel working people towards Election Day,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “This is the peak of our political program. Together we will elect Hillary Clinton as the first woman president, and work with her administration to rewrite the economic rules so that working people can get ahead and stay ahead.”

In addition, the AFL-CIO will ramp up its direct mail program, which has been active since late August. In the final three weeks, almost 424,000 pieces of mail will reach union households, encouraging members to vote. Nearly 1.4 million slate cards listing pro-union candidates will also be mailed. These wide-ranging efforts will focus on voters in AFL-CIO Tier 1 states: Florida, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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