Press Release

AFL-CIO Praises Biden Administration for Improving Protections for Farmworkers

AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler released the following statement on the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) final rule on the H-2A visa program:

The Department of Labor’s final H-2A rule substantially strengthens protections for working people in one of the most dangerous industries in our country, and reaffirms the Biden administration’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding and improving the rights of all workers—regardless of immigration status.

For far too long, farmworkers have been excluded from many core labor protections, and working people in temporary worker programs are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. This final rule makes important progress in enhancing recruitment protections, empowering workers with information, lifting wages, limiting retaliation, improving safety protections, enabling concerted activity and ensuring employer accountability. 

When workers are able to join together safely and take collective action, we all win. The AFL-CIO commends the DOL for raising the bar on protections that will prevent further exploitation of migrant and America’s workers alike. 

The labor movement is fiercely committed to advancing the fundamental rights of the farmworkers who feed and nourish our country. We will build on this win to continue to fight for long-overdue immigration reforms, including a pathway to citizenship for all working people whose labor helps our nation prosper. 

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