Press Release

AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on the Announcement of D. Taylor Stepping Down as International President of UNITE HERE

Today, AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler released the following statement on UNITE HERE’s leadership transition: 

D. Taylor’s legacy is one of building power for low-wage workers whose shot at a decent standard of living is tied directly to the strength of their union. His storied career in the labor movement includes countless victories for hospitality workers, first in Nevada as head of UNITE HERE Culinary Union and, for the past 12 years, as leader of the international union. Through it all, D. remained 100% grounded in the work to ensure that “One Job Should Be Enough,” which became a rallying cry for working people across the country. 

D. is an organizer through and through. Over the course of his time as president, he built UNITE HERE into an organizing powerhouse whose members mobilized to win record contracts and turn out voters in critical elections. During his tenure, UNITE HERE added nearly 150,000 members in all areas of the country, including the Deep South. The union also made huge strides in protecting hospitality workers from negative impacts of automation and artificial intelligence, as well as helping to lead the national conversation on the future of work. 

His leadership extends far beyond his own union. D. has been an influential voice on the AFL-CIO Executive Council, providing strategic advice on organizing gleaned from his decades of on-the-ground experience organizing workers in some of the toughest environments, as well as leveraging capital strategies and preparing workers for the impacts of technology. 

The AFL-CIO thanks D. Taylor for the unparalleled activism on behalf of his own members, and the support and guidance he’s provided the entire labor movement during his tenure. We look forward to working closely with Gwen Mills, a visionary leader and the first woman to serve as president of UNITE HERE, to continue the fight to improve the lives of hospitality workers—and all workers—in this country. 

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