Press Release

AFL-CIO: Rail Workers Win Gains, Fight for Paid Sick Days Far from Over

Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on today’s Senate vote on the rail contract: 

I commend and thank rail workers and their unions for tenaciously taking on some of the biggest corporations in America over the last three years to reach a contract. While rail workers won significant wage increases and other important gains today, it’s deeply disappointing that 43 senators sided with multibillion-dollar rail corporations to block desperately needed paid sick days. 

Rail workers keep America’s economy moving, yet rail companies treat workers as essential one minute and disposable the next. The unwillingness of wealthy corporations to provide workers with basic dignity on the job got us to this point. Despite today’s action, the fight is far from over. 

The labor movement will continue to mobilize and push forcefully until every rail worker—and all America’s workers—has the paid sick leave they need and deserve. 

Contact: Steve Smith, 202-637-5018