Press Release

AFL-CIO to Republicans in Congress: Stop Playing Games with Working Families and Reauthorize Trade Adjustment Assistance

Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

Trade Adjustment Assistance is a lifeline for workers displaced from their jobs by unfair trade policies. It’s unacceptable that Republican leaders in Congress have once again put petty politics above the needs of working people by blocking the reauthorization of this critical program in upcoming appropriations legislation.  

Workers in communities devastated by bad trade deals just want a good-paying job to support their families. Reauthorizing the TAA would prevent communities hardest hit by unfair trade practices from further financial harm. It is long past time for Republican leaders in Congress to put politics aside and support the working people who are the backbone of this country. The TAA has expired, and its benefits are winding down. The AFL-CIO and its 12.5 million members call for the immediate reauthorization of this vital program as part of the continuing resolution. 

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