Press Release

AFL-CIO: Workers Deserve Seat at the Table, Calls for Microsoft–Activision Blizzard Deal to Move Forward

Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on the FTC decision to sue to block Microsoft–Activision Blizzard deal:

It’s disappointing that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is suing to block the Microsoft–Activision Blizzard deal that would create a stronger company and protect consumers by empowering workers. With any merger, there are many factors to assess, but the needs of workers should always be taken into account. When workers are able to stand together, it creates a culture of checks and balances within a company that ultimately benefits consumers and the general public. 

The proposed acquisition by Microsoft would give Activision Blizzard workers the freedom to join a union through employer neutrality, empowering them to build a stronger company and serve as a check to unethical corporate practices—a win for both workers and consumers.

Each corporate merger must be assessed on its merits and consider the impact on workers. Despite this action by the FTC, we’re confident a federal judge will side with the Communications Workers of America, the European Commission and countless others who support this deal so that video game workers are finally given the chance to improve their lives and create a stronger company by having a union on the job.

Contact: Steve Smith, 202-637-5018