Press Release

Biden Rule Will Raise Construction Workers' Wages

Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler in support of the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) proposed rule-making updates to Davis–Bacon prevailing wage regulations: 

The Biden–Harris administration and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh continue to deliver wins for working people. Today’s proposed regulations under the Davis–Bacon and Related Acts will modernize and strengthen prevailing wage laws to protect thousands of workers on federal construction projects from rampant wage theft. 

It has been 40 years since the DOL last updated these regulations and wage theft continues to cheat thousands of construction workers every year on projects funded by American taxpayer dollars. With more than $1 trillion of construction activity anticipated across the country in the next five years, effective enforcement is required to ensure fairness in the prevailing wage determination process. 

The Davis–Bacon Act was first signed into law in 1931 to ensure fair wages for those who build our nation. Nearly a century later, President Biden continues to fulfill his campaign promise to be the most pro-union president in our nation’s history. Today’s expansion guarantees America’s infrastructure will continue to be built by the best-trained, highest-skilled workers in the world.

Contact: Kalina Newman, 202-637-5018