Press Release

Biden’s ‘Buy American’ Rule Will Boost America’s Workers

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on President Biden’s proposed rule on “Buy American”:

President Biden is once again delivering on his promise of fighting for America’s working families. For years, we’ve received lip service on the importance of Buy American, but today the Biden administration is following through on the simple concept that American taxpayers’ dollars should be used to create jobs and advance production here at home. 

Today’s proposed rule finally would close loopholes that allow products bought with taxpayer dollars to be only 55% made in the United States, while still qualifying for government procurement under Buy American rules. This, along with strengthening the domestic supply chains by implementing new price preferences and increasing transparency and accountability, will continue to lead us to build a stronger, fairer economy with a robust manufacturing base. We look forward to this rule being enacted so we can create more family-supporting union jobs by continuing to build back better. 

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