Press Release

Commitments to Workers and Excluded Groups in Colombia Must be Honored

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Colombia’s peace agreement:

The AFL-CIO applauds the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for reaching an agreement to end the armed conflict that has killed over 200,000 Colombians, mostly non-combatants, over the last fifty-two years. We recognize the hard work and commitment of all those who made the agreement possible.

While the agreement is not perfect, and all details are not yet public, it points to a future in which all Colombians should be able to participate and build a lasting and prosperous peace. Once Colombians ratify the agreement, the AFL-CIO will work with allies in Colombia and the United States to see that the agreement is implemented and its commitments are fulfilled.

The affected communities that have long been the main victims of this violence must play a key role as that peace is built. Commitments made to workers and often excluded groups like the large Afro-Colombian community as part of the peace process must now be honored.

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