Press Release

Despite Legal Setback on Immigration Relief, Working People Keep Up Fight for Stronger Protections

In response to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Texas v. U.S., AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued the following statement:

Yesterday’s court decision further stalling relief for millions of working people was not a surprise, but it is a disappointing reminder of how long the struggle for justice can take. As we so often say in our movement, however, each day longer makes us one day stronger.  

Around the country, courageous men and women are organizing for change from the ground up.  Their determination and vision compelled the president to act last year, and they press forward still despite obstruction in the Congress and the courts.  The labor movement stands proudly with all working people who are brave enough to take action to improve conditions on the job or in their community. We will continue to push all branches of government to strengthen protections for those who exercise their most fundamental rights, including the right to live and work without the fear of being separated from their families.

We welcome the decision of the Justice Department to seek Supreme Court review quickly so that this vitally important case can be heard this term.  We are confident that the Supreme Court will reverse the Fifth Circuit and allow the much-needed DAPA and expanded DACA policies to go into effect.

The AFL-CIO filed an amicus brief in support of DAPA and DACA. Read it here:

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