Press Release | Immigration

Ending Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador Undermines Our Freedom to Fight for All Working People

In response to the Donald Trump administration’s announcement of the termination of Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued the following statement:

Today’s decision will force hundreds of thousands of hardworking people who have lived in our country and played by the rules for decades into the shadow economy. This decision will not only destabilize families, communities and workplaces, particularly in the construction, hospitality and service industries, it will undermine our freedom to fight together for better wages and equality at work for all working people. 

The pattern of recent terminations of TPS status for Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and now El Salvador suggests that this administration is intent on ending a humanitarian program that has long been supported by presidents of both parties due to the benefits it provides both at home and abroad. Ignoring the recommendations of faith, union and business leaders, the administration is instead pursuing an agenda that cruelly strips away work authorization from deserving men and women, making them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse on the job.

The union movement will continue to stand with TPS holders from all affected countries. Once again, we call upon Congress to address this created crisis by providing a well-earned road map to citizenship for working people who have contributed so much to our nation.

Contact: Gonzalo Salvador (202) 637-5018