Press Release

Following House Vote, AFL-CIO Calls on Senate to Get COVID-19 Relief into the Pockets of Working People

Trumka: ‘We Can’t Wait Another Day, and We Can’t Afford to Water This Down.’

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the House’s passage of the American Rescue Plan:

Working people are continuing to bear the brunt of the worst national crisis in living memory. Recovering from the failures of the past year will require unprecedented public resources for individuals, families and communities. Today, the House has brought us one step closer toward making the investments we urgently need. 

This is a historic relief package that addresses the mounting challenges facing America’s workers in every corner of the country. It provides direct payments and a higher wage to those struggling to keep food on the table. It includes overdue support for our states, cities and towns so we can preserve critical public services and honor the heroes who provide them. It delivers the resources we need to ensure that kids are safe in the classroom, working people are healthy on the job and seniors are secure in retirement. And above all, it offers a blueprint for building a stronger, more just economy out of the wreckage of this pandemic. 

Each component—from getting shots in our arms to putting money in our pockets—is essential to rebuilding a shattered economy. We can’t wait another day, and we can’t afford to water this down. What’s more, the Senate has an opportunity to further strengthen key provisions, such as expanding COBRA subsidies to cover 100% of costs.

This is not a moment for timid half-measures. The House has done its job, and now it’s time for the Senate to deliver long-overdue relief to millions of working families. 

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