Press Release

Labor Movement Condemns Georgia Republicans’ Outrageous Voter Suppression Law

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed S.B. 202, a sweeping voter suppression bill:

Georgia Republicans have shown their true colors. The rushed passage of S.B. 202 is no less than a full-blown assault on Georgians’ right to vote, one aimed at silencing working people of color across the state. Brian Kemp is openly dragging Georgia’s elections back to the Jim Crow era, from making it harder to register to vote to criminalizing those who bring water to voters waiting at the polls.

Kemp and his party have seen what happens when working people make our voices heard. Change happens. Progress happens. We build a stronger, more just future—and throw right-wing extremists out of power.

Thursday’s actions are a clear reminder that Georgia Republicans aren’t interested in representing Georgians, much less amplifying their voices. They are only interested in preserving their own power.

America’s labor movement will not stand by quietly, and we will continue fighting for a future in which every voter has free and fair access to the ballot. Working Georgians overcame enormous obstacles to win change in November and again in January. Organizing together, we can overcome this challenge as well.

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