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Moral Monday Goes National in North Carolina

Labor Movement Amplifies Last Protest of Legislative Session, Uses “Imminent Disturbance

(June 16, 2014 Washington, DC) – Moral Mondays are getting a jolt of national energy today in North Carolina. The labor movement is spearheading one of the last Moral Mondays of the 2014 legislative session to focus on workers’ rights. Along with the Forward Together Moral Movement, demands for lawmakers to protect the rights of working men and women are being amplified nationwide.

“North Carolina has quickly become a shining example of a people-driven movement and a microcosm of what’s to come,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “When the labor movement and the entire community band together to stand up for what is right, everyone wins. The working people in Raleigh are inspiring action at state capitals around America.”

At its convention last year, the AFL-CIO made a groundbreaking commitment to build enduring labor-community partnerships. The goal of these partnerships has been to assemble a broad progressive coalition for social and economic justice.

“Moral Mondays are exactly the kind of new movement working people and their communities have been eager for,” said Trumka. “Only together can we build momentum and make real, positive change in lives of all workers in the community.”

Today’s protest comes on the heels of efforts by extremist conservatives to silence protestors for creating any “imminent disturbance.” This could include singing, clapping or speaking loudly. The AFL-CIO has been quick to point out that “the greatest moments in America’s history were born out of ‘imminent disturbance’” and are carrying that message today.

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