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NEW REPORT: Labor, Environmental Advocates Call for High-Paying Electric Vehicle Jobs

Ahead of Climate Summit, Report Highlights Need for Equitable Clean Energy Transition

Today, ahead of the Leaders Summit on Climate, the AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council and BlueGreen Alliance, along with the UAW and United Steelworkers, released a report highlighting the need to preserve high-paying union jobs in the U.S. auto industry as part of any equitable clean energy transition. The report, available here, reviews the economic impacts of the transition to electric vehicles as well as policy options for creating and preserving good union jobs.

“As the auto industry continues transitioning to electric vehicles, policymakers have a responsibility to ensure working families aren’t left behind,” said Brad Markell, executive director of the AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council. “If we continue on the current path, the heart of American manufacturing will be left at risk. But if we take urgent action, we can combat the climate crisis, build a clean energy economy and ensure that America’s workers have access to good-paying union jobs for generations to come.”

“Action to rapidly deploy electric vehicles must go hand in hand with equally robust action to ensure we manufacture the vehicles and vehicle technology of the future here—and create good jobs doing so,” said BlueGreen Alliance Director of Manufacturing and Advanced Transportation Zoe Lipman. “Comprehensive action to secure and rebuild our manufacturing sector is essential both to meet our climate goals, and to power a real and lasting economic recovery that extends to all.”

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