Press Release

President Biden’s Historic Investments in a Clean Energy Future Will Transform Our Economy for Generations to Come

Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on the Biden administration’s $15.5 billion funding investment in electric vehicles:

Today’s announcement of a $15.5 billion investment to transition existing auto factories to electric vehicle factories puts workers and our communities first. This money will prioritize companies that maintain strong union partnerships, including collective bargaining agreements and union jobs. That’s exactly the kind of leadership we need from the president in this pivotal moment in America’s history. Investing in America means investing in the workers who are the backbone of our economy. That means having strong labor standards tied to all taxpayer funding that goes to auto and manufacturing companies. Rhetoric won’t rebuild our communities; action will. We applaud the Biden administration for once again showing that it’s a top priority to build our economy from the bottom up and middle out by supporting the workers who are the lifeblood of America’s manufacturing resurgence.

Contact: Liz Vlock, 202-637-5018