Press Release

Senate Obediently Hands SCOTUS to Corporate Elites

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation:

Today, the Senate willfully shirked its most fundamental responsibility. Instead of giving a voice to hardworking families, Mitch McConnell and his colleagues have obediently handed over the Supreme Court to corporate elites.
Even the most cursory review of Brett Kavanaugh’s judicial record reveals a right-wing extremist dedicated to advancing the demands of a few wealthy CEOs at the expense of working families. His hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee further confirmed that fealty to corporate interests—and demonstrated that he lacks anything close to the temperament or character that this position demands.

However, working people won’t allow any politician or judge to dictate the American story. All those who disregard the principles of justice and fairness can expect to hear from us on Election Day.

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