Press Release

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka On Executive Council and Endorsement

The AFL-CIO is committed to a Raising Wages agenda, and to using that agenda to drive our politics. 

Our Executive Council will discuss the 2016 election cycle during its Winter Meeting, but no presidential endorsement will be made.  From the very start of the presidential contest, we have been clear that we have an endorsement process in place, and that we will continue to follow that process in accordance with our Constitution.

Most importantly, we will further elevate the Raising Wages agenda and hold all politicians accountable to it.

We also continue to encourage affiliated unions to pursue their own deliberations with their members and come to their own endorsement decisions, if any, through open and rigorous debate.  Many unions have endorsed a candidate, and many have not.

Our country is engaged in a vigorous national debate about our next president, and we look forward to a robust discussion of the issues at our Council meeting.

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