Press Release

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Secretary Hillary Clinton Campaign Announcement

Secretary Clinton has a long and distinguished career in public service, and has been an inspiration for tens of millions of women in America and around the globe.
We hope her candidacy will contribute to the critical debate in our country over how to raise wages.
We applaud Secretary Clinton’s decision to begin her campaign by going directly to voters and listening to them first.  We urge all presidential candidates, in both parties, to follow her lead. We believe she, and they, will hear an urgent need to raise wages in America, and an equally urgent need to reject corporate-driven agendas that produce everything from tax breaks for the wealthy to destructive trade agreements.
Working people want to hear Secretary Clinton's ideas on how to create a Raising Wages America.  We look forward to a long and vibrant national discussion with all presidential candidates, about how to solve the problems of income inequality and improve the lives of every working person in our great country.

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