Press Release

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the USW Oil Workers’ Unfair Labor Practice Strike

“The AFL-CIO stands in full support of our brothers and sisters in this strike against unfair labor practices. We are in solidarity with the more than 5,200 oil refinery workers who are currently on the picket lines demanding safe working environments and an end to dangerous and abusive industry practices. No one should go to work each day wondering if it will be their last. No one should be asked by a supervisor to labor at unsafe staffing levels.

This strike is about protecting workers and their families, and it’s about protecting the communities where these facilities are located. The workers are protesting the oil companies’ serious unfair labor practices, including their refusal to negotiate over mandatory subjects, undue delays in providing information, impeded bargaining, and threats issued to workers if they joined the ULP strike. We call on the oil companies to end their bad faith bargaining and immediately work with the union to solve these problems.”

Contact: Anthony DeAngelo (202) 637-5018