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Statements on the Passing of Ed Hill

Statements on the passing of IBEW International President Emeritus Edwin D. Hill:

In the labor movement, we call ourselves brothers and sisters. Unionism is more than a job. It’s a family. And in so many ways, my union father was Ed Hill. Ed was a trade unionist to the core, always doing what was best for his members and all working people, across backgrounds and borders. He never spoke up just to hear his own voice. Ed didn’t strut. But when he talked, people listened. He used his voice to make significant and lasting progress, whether implementing bold initiatives in the IBEW, strengthening the AFL-CIO or helping change the culture of the broader labor movement. Ed was a statesman. He chose solutions over sound bites, common ground over conflict.

“Ed helped build the IBEW into an undeniable powerhouse, a mass movement of skilled professionals dedicated to hard work, solidarity and full lives. Ed was fiercely loyal to his friends, family and fellow trade unionists. He had a wonderful sense of humor, often pulling pranks to keep us on our toes. Simply put, he was a great man.

“Ed didn’t just pioneer IBEW’s code of excellence. He defined it. And as he makes the final journey home, on what I can only imagine is his motorcycle, I am filled with sadness and gratitude. We were all better for knowing Ed Hill.” —AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler

“The entire labor movement mourns the loss of our friend and brother Ed Hill. Ed was a journeyman electrician, fellow Pennsylvanian and one of the most respected voices ever to serve on the AFL-CIO Executive Council. When disagreements threatened to divide us, he was a voice of solidarity. Ed brought people together. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and the entire IBEW during this difficult time.” —AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

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