Press Release

Supreme Court Tramples on Voting Rights in Wisconsin

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding voting in today’s Wisconsin election:

It’s unconscionable that Wisconsin voters are being forced to choose between their health amid a pandemic and their constitutional right to vote. This anti-American decision silences tens of thousands of our citizens. That’s rank ideology, not blind justice. And with each passing day, Chief Justice John Roberts is presiding over the degradation of the highest court in the land.

The blatant voter suppression by both Republicans in Wisconsin and the Supreme Court is one of the darkest days for our judicial system. For decades, corporations and their political hired guns have rigged the economy against working people, and now they are coming after our democracy. We will not sit idly by as this becomes a country of, by and for the wealthiest few.

Taking away the fundamental right to vote that so many have fought and died for is disgraceful. Democracy in our country is dying, and those meant to uphold our Constitution have failed miserably in their duty. Working people see what’s happening, and we’re not going to stand for it in November and beyond.

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