Press Release

Workers at GM’s Silao Facility in Mexico Must Be Allowed to Organize Freely

Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on reports of continued worker rights violations at the General Motors’ facility in Silao, Mexico:

Last August, workers at GM’s Silao auto factory located in the state of Guanajuato cast their ballots to reject the existing collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the incumbent protection union, the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM). Shortly after this historic vote, workers organized a new independent union—the National Union for Workers in the Automotive Industry (SINTTIA)—to challenge the CTM for the right to represent the workers in negotiations with management. However, we are deeply concerned by reports that GM management has failed to remain neutral during the present organizing drive by providing the CTM union privileged access to workers in the plant and failing to address the continued harassment and intimidation of SINTTIA leaders and supporters. 

We call on GM to take immediate action to establish a level playing field in the Silao plant so that workers can exercise their right to freely choose union representation as required under Mexican law and the United States–Mexico–Canada– Agreement. We also call on the Mexican government to place independent labor inspectors in the plant to ensure workers’ rights are protected while workers choose a new representative.  

Contact: Liz Vlock (202) 637-5018