Press Release

Working Families Discuss Dangers of TPP with Members of Congress

(Washington, DC) Today working people and their families from across the country visited Capitol Hill urging members to defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“Working people are united in opposition to the TPP,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “We are determined to end the era of corporate trade deals that lower our wages and kill our jobs. That’s why it’s so important for members of Congress to hear from people back home.”

Participants shared constituents’ stories on how bad trade deals hurt their families.

“By increasing the U.S. trade deficit and exasperating the offshoring and outsourcing of good, family-supporting American jobs – the TPP will negatively impact the lives of American workers,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, Wisconsin AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer. “By shuttering factories, undermining American manufacturing and lowering wages, the TPP will further shrink the American middle class and extend growing disparities in wealth and income levels.”  

Ninety percent of House members also heard from working people from their districts by phone this week. Nearly 3,000 calls were made with the message that Congress must reject TPP.

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