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Working People Are a Driving Force in Midterm Elections

Mobilized by a historic political program, union members turned out in droves across the country.

Yesterday marked the culmination of the AFL-CIO’s largest member-to-member electoral effort in its history. Driven by conversations between union members at the door, over the phone and at worksites, the program also deployed massive radio, digital and direct mail campaigns. Membership polling this cycle has found that persuadable voters trust their unions more than any other source of political information—including friends and family.

“Union members made our voices heard loud and clear last night,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “Working people trust our unions, and that trust was at the core of an unmatched political program. For months, street by street and person by person, we talked about the issues that matter most and the candidates who will put working families first. We have been mobilizing on a scale that I’ve never seen in my 50 years in the labor movement. In every corner of the country, working people showed up to fill the halls of power with union members and our allies. We made clear that we won’t stand for those who prioritize the demands of an elite few—whether they’re anti-labor Republicans or pro-corporate Democrats.”

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