Press Release

Working People Deserve an Open Internet

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on today’s Senate vote on the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules:

The AFL-CIO thanks those senators who voted today to rescind the FCC order that does away with net neutrality rules. Working people deserve an internet where corporations cannot block, throttle or otherwise impede access to lawful, legitimate content. Net neutrality also is essential to the hundreds of thousands of union members who earn a living creating the content we all stream over the internet.

Today’s vote implications are significant—net neutrality is critical for our nation’s progress and for the creation of good jobs in the future. We applaud each senator who voted in favor of rescinding the FCC’s order for putting working families first, instead of supporting the special interests of a few corporations. Now Congress must continue focusing on modernizing our laws to ensure an open internet for consumers and safeguard the right of creative professionals to earn a fair return on their work.

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