Convention Resolution

Resolution 61: Establishing a Special Fund to Provide Emergency Support to State and Central Labor Bodies, to Combat Raids by Disaffiliating Unions, and to Assist Trade and Industrial Departments

The disaffiliation of the Teamsters and SEIU and threatened disaffiliation by two of their partners has presented the federation with three issues requiring immediate action by the Executive Council. These are (1) the financial distress that some state and central labor bodies will face because the disaffiliated unions will no longer be members of those bodies; (2) raids by the disaffiliated unions on AFLCIO affiliates; and (3) the adverse impact on trade and industrial departments.

The AFL-CIO and its leaders will take bold and aggressive action on these fronts. The AFL-CIO will not permit the actions of the disaffiliating unions to undermine the important role that state and central labor bodies, as well as the trade and industrial departments, perform in protecting the interests of working families. While the actions of the disaffiliating unions may cause some state and central labor bodies to scale back their programs, the federation is prepared to ensure that essential programs and services are preserved by providing supplemental resources.

The AFL-CIO also will provide resources to assist affiliates in defeating raids by the disaffiliating unions. Although SEIU and IBT have issued public statements disavowing any intention to raid, the facts belie their statements. SEIU and IBT are already conducting large-scale raids on AFL-CIO affiliates and announcing plans to do more.

To help address these immediate issues, the Executive Council will establish a special fund, to be administered by the President, funded by a four cent increase in the per capita tax, to be allocated for these purposes.