Convention Resolution

Resolution 36: Recognition of CLC President Fred Veigel

Submitted by Michigan State AFL-CIO
Referred to the Legislation and Policy Committee

WHEREAS, Huron Valley Central Labor Council President Fred Veigel has contributed a generation of leadership on behalf of the citizens, working men and women, in the great state of Michigan; and

WHEREAS, his continued involvement, including but not limited to, public service, political/ legislative action, community service, education and union leadership, demonstrates Fred Veigel’s commitment to promoting good jobs, better working conditions and strengthening a good standard of living in which to raise a family; and

WHEREAS, he has a long list of accomplishments, dating back to 1954, in both Washtenaw County and Huron Valley Central Labor Council’s geographical jurisdiction; and

WHEREAS, Fred Veigel has distinguished himself with 40 continuous years (1969–present) and is the longest-sitting central labor council president in the great state of Michigan. He continues to actively administer the overall agenda for the Michigan State AFL-CIO and the national AFL-CIO;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Michigan State AFL-CIO Committee of Central Labor Councils supports and recognizes his lifelong commitment and dedication to the working families of his community, as well as the AFL-CIO; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that at the 26th AFL-CIO Convention, this tribute be read to honor Brother Fred Veigel for many distinguished years of service he has provided to the working men and women of the Ann Arbor area, the state of Michigan and the entire nation.