Convention Resolution

Resolution 52: In Support of American Troops

Resolution in Support of American Troops

The AFL-CIO Executive Council has previously expressed the union movement’s profound outrage over the incomprehensible Sept. 11 attacks and our deep grief in the loss of thousands of innocent men, women and children in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The AFL-CIO is firmly committed to bringing the perpetrators of the heinous Sept. 11 attacks to justice and fully supports our country’s just use of military force to that end.

The working men and women of the AFL-CIO have a proud history of fighting for freedom across the world, with American workers manning the battlefields of all our nation’s wars and helping build the arsenal of democracy that defeated fascism and totalitarianism.

Many of our members or their family members are members of the United States armed services, either in active duty or reserve status. They are included among the ranks of those who are bravely risking their lives to protect and preserve not only the lives of those of us here in the United States but also our very way of life.

The delegates to the 24th Biennial Constitutional Convention of the AFL-CIO recognize and commend the courage of the brave men and women in the United States armed forces who are engaged in this war on terrorism, and pledge our continuing gratitude and full support to them.

The American union movement will work to ensure that the nation continues to recognize and reward the efforts of the members of the armed services, both while they are on active duty and when they resume civilian life.