Convention Resolution

Constitutional Amendment 1: Expanding the General Board to Include Young Workers

THE AMENDMENT WOULD FORMALLY RECOGNIZE YOUNG WORKERS In the governance of the federation by authorizing the addition of a young worker representative on the General Board. This representative would be chosen by the Young Worker Advisory Committee in accordance with Resolution 19, “Investing in Our Future: Young Workers and Youth Engagement.” The amendment clarifies that members of the General Board must be members of an affiliated organization.

The amendment adds young members to the existing constitutional provision on filling Executive Council vacancies consistent with the federation’s commitment to diversity and broad representation of the labor movement’s membership.

a. Amend Article XI (General Board), Section 1 to read as follows:
New language in bold and italics; [language to be deleted in italics and brackets]

i.  The General Board shall consist of all of the members of the Executive Council and the principal officer of each affiliated national or international union, the principal officer of each trade and industrial department, a representative of each national constituency organization, [and] allied retiree organization, and young worker organization recognized by the Federation, a representative of each chartered national community affiliate, and regional representatives of the state, area, and local central bodies selected by the Executive Council pursuant to a system promulgated by the Council.

b.  Amend Article XI (General Board), Section 4 by adding “young worker organization” after “allied retiree organization.”

c. Amend Article VI (Elections), Section 4 to read as follows:

i.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice President by reason of death, resignation, or otherwise, the Executive Council shall have the power to fill the vacancy by majority vote of all its members for the remainder of the unexpired  term, consistent with the Federation’s goal of achieving an Executive Council that is broadly representative of the diversity of the membership of the labor movement, including its women members, [and] its members of color, and young members.

d. Amend Article XI (General Board), Section 1 by adding at the end of the Section “Each General Board member shall be a member of an affiliated organization.”