Convention Resolution | Better Pay and Benefits

Resolution 15: AFL-CIO Prioritizing Organizing and Growth of Affiliate Unions-All In the Service of Helping Working People Organize

WHEREAS, the most important work the federation can do is support working people and their unions when they stand up for themselves to organize their workplaces; and 

WHEREAS, by organizing unions, working people improve not only their own pay, benefits and working conditions, but also contribute to the greater societal good through improving participation in civil society, standing up against injustices and providing a forum for all working people to come together; and

WHEREAS, ensuring a path to organizing a union means welcoming the working people who need help the most—workers in the South, workers whose rights are under attack, workers in unorganized industries, new Americans, women, people of color—to get access to the benefits of being in a union;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the work of the AFL-CIO on political campaigns, policy initiatives, legislative efforts, digital and data strategies, international alliances, health and safety, and legal defense should all be in the support of the mission of our AFL-CIO affiliated unions—to assist working people organizing for a better life.