Convention Resolution

Resolution 27: Resolution Celebrating Ullico Inc.'s 90th Anniversary

WHEREAS, the Union Labor Life Insurance Company was established in 1927 by the American Federation of Labor to help provide financial security to working men and women and their families; and

WHEREAS, in the ensuing 90 years, the company has grown into the Ullico Family of Companies, which together provide insurance and investment products to labor organizations, unionized employers, institutional investors and union members; and

WHEREAS, the shareholders of the parent company, Ullico Inc., represent a broad spectrum of labor organizations and multiemployer benefit funds from all sectors of the American labor movement; and

WHEREAS, more than two-thirds of the directors of Ullico are presidents or other senior officials of labor organizations affiliated with the AFL-CIO; and

WHEREAS, Ullico is committed to serving the needs of labor organizations, union employers, institutional investors, and the working men and women of America; developing innovative, sound and fairly priced insurance and investment products and services; providing fair and equitable returns for its shareholders; and exerting a positive influence on the labor movement and on the causes supported by the labor movement; and

WHEREAS, through its affiliates’ investments in real estate development projects and infrastructure improvements throughout the country, Ullico seeks prudent investment opportunities for unions and their multiemployer benefit plans, while growing unions and creating union jobs; and

WHEREAS, as the only labor-owned insurance and investment company, Ullico has valuable insights into the needs of the labor market;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the AFL-CIO recognizes the critical role Ullico has played as a financial services provider to the American labor movement and working men and women; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the AFL-CIO congratulates the Ullico Family of Companies on 90 years of service to working people and the labor movement, and looks forward to working with the Ullico Family of Companies in the years to come.