Convention Resolution

Resolution 41: Collective Bargaining

Submitted by the International Union of Police Associations

Referred to the Resolutions Committee

WHEREAS, collective bargaining is essential to the promotion of economic health and administrative protections for public safety employees; and

WHEREAS, collective bargaining is the most efficient manner in which to resolve workplace disputes; and

WHEREAS, employees of federal, state and local governments are among the only workers in America who do not have the right to collectively bargain; and

WHEREAS, public safety employees cannot engage in strikes or slowdowns without being accused of jeopardizing public safety; and

WHEREAS, collective bargaining without the right to strike is simply mandated communication between an employer and his employees, be it

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the AFL-CIO supports, endorses and has continuously advocated for the Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, which guarantees this basic human right to collectively bargain for wages, hours, and working conditions for public safety employees.