Convention Resolution

Resolution 49: Resolution to Include Union Label Identification in Contract Language

Submitted by the Union Label and Service Trades Department

Referred to the Resolutions Committee

WHEREAS, many consumers, including both union members and non-union members, look for union made goods and services as a way to support good jobs with decent pay and benefits for the people who produce the ware and services that they purchase, and

WHEREAS, many of these consumers value the assurance of quality and value that union made goods and services offer, and

WHEREAS, employers under contract with unionized workers enjoy enhanced business because of the public’s association of union made goods and service with higher quality, reliability and value, and

WHEREAS, it is too often difficult to determine whether goods are made in the United States, let alone made by union workers, and

WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of union workers and their unions to provide the public with information concerning whether products and services are union made, and

WHEREAS, the Union Label is a historic means that is widely recognized as an indicator of the union made nature of products and services,

BE IT RESOLVED that affiliated unions are encouraged to negotiate language in collective bargaining agreements that requires a union label verifying that products and services are made or provided by union workers.