Convention Resolution

Resolution 35: Encourage Union Audiovisual Production

From convention videos to radio and television commercials to digital video productions and podcasts, thousands of local and national labor unions increasingly turn to audiovisual production to communicate their message. Communicating a strong union message across platforms is now more important than ever, and professional-quality audio and video production is within the reach of any union.

Research shows that audio and video is demonstrably more effective than print. Audiovisual content increases resonance and recall. It is more shareable on social media, more effective for search engine optimization and more likely to bring online searchers to your site. In addition, video is more accessible and engaging for mobile users. Studies show that 88% of short videos are watched via mobile devices, which are now used by 85% of Americans, or more than 300 million people.

The AFL-CIO encourages all unions and allied organizations to use skilled union talent whenever they are using paid professionals in covered roles in the production of audio or video communications. The expertise and excellence of union performing artists is crucial, and it is simple to #gounion. In fact, SAG-AFTRA contract specialists are readily available to assist producers by providing appropriate contacts.

Choosing union contracts is consistent with the views of the late AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, who said in 1997: “When utilizing print material, we insist that it bears the union label. We must be just as insistent that the film, video and audio productions we produce and distribute are made under union conditions with union personnel.”