Shuler: BCTGM Strikers Are Heroic

Richmond, Va.

The following are AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler's prepared remarks to striking BCTGM members at Nabisco:


This is worker power. Right here. On this picket line. And in Chicago, Illinois! In Portland, Oregon! In Norcross, Georgia! In Aurora, Colorado! 

A thousand Nabisco workers. Standing up for what you deserve! And 56 unions,12.5 million people in jobs all across the country have your back! 

This is the labor movement!

Are we going to let corporate greed take all the profit we helped create? NO!

Are we going to let them upend our schedules and cut our pay? NO!

Are we going to let them send more good, union jobs to Mexico? NO!

Throughout the pandemic, you’ve stepped up. I know I’ve found comfort in the snacks you make. You were, are, and always will be essential. And for being here now, standing together against outsourcing—you are heroic. 

No one wants to go on strike. But you’re here for fairness. And the future of the American middle class. You deserve a fair contract with better wages, benefits, and working conditions! And to keep your jobs in the U.S.!

For every working person in this country who wants a good, union job. For all the working people in other countries who are hoping for better. This is where pressure builds. This is where power grows. This is how progress is won.

From the Warrior Met miners on strike in Alabama, to researchers organizing at the University of California and on Twitter, with celebrities like Danny Devito, we are with you in solidarity! 

The power we have when we move as one is unbeatable. 

So say it with me: No contract. No snacks. No contract. No snacks. No contract. No snacks! 

Thank you BCTGM, one day longer, one day stronger, the entire labor movement is with you every step of the way!